Going Light

“Learn the flowers. Stay together. Go light” – Gary Snyder

Yosemite Pilgrimage packing all-stars Lance & Miranda (photo: Ian Momsen)

Yosemite Pilgrimage packing all-stars Lance & Miranda (photo: Ian Momsen)

At Wildtender we advocate for of a kind of backcountry minimalism that we call Going Light. We carry only what is essential to safely enjoy the wilderness – choosing to leave behind many of the objects that we are accustomed to in everyday life. This shedding of the non-essential not only lightens the load we carry, it also makes space in the psyche for a deeper connection with the wild present moment.

We provide detailed packing lists upon registration, specific to the geography and seasonality of your program (here’s a sample packing list from our Big Sur backpacking pilgrimages for Spring 2019). We’re available in the months leading up to your program to advise as you prepare, and we provide more guidance about preparing physically, emotionally and spiritually for the program about one month in advance.

Below are some of the essentials Wildtender provides for the group, a few items you will need to acquire (buy, rent, or borrow), and an armful of stuff to leave at home…

Some Essentials Wildtender Provides

  • Map, Compass & Navigation Supplies

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • First Aid Kit & Safety Supplies

  • Camp Cookware

  • Breakfasts & Dinners

  • We also have many extra supplies that we can potentially lend for your individual use (e.g. headlamps, tarps, camping bowls & utensils, etc.)

Major items you Will Need to Acquire (buy, rent, or borrow)

  • Backpack

  • Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Pad

  • Lightweight Shelter (tent or tarp)

  • Boots or Hiking Shoes

Key stuff to Leave Behind

  • Headphones – We listen to the incredible music of nature.

  • Books – Books are heavy! Besides, there are plenty of stories written in the landscape.

  • Multi-tools – Heavy and over-designed, most mechanical issues in the wild can be solved with a knife or a rock.

  • Tech Gadgets – We believe that one of the heaviest burdens we bear as modern people is our over-reliance on tech gadgetry & devices, so we will leave the seductive tech behind. If you want to bring your smartphone for use of its camera or other reasons essential to you, we ask that you be mindful and limited in your use.