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"Turning Toward Fire – On Wildtending & Wildfire" by Noël Vietor & Fletcher Tucker

On the day we planned to send out an email announcement about a Yosemite backpacking pilgrimage we had extensively planned for Fall 2018, we got news of a wildfire exploding to the west of Yosemite National Park. In the two weeks since then, the Ferguson Fire has burned over 40,000 acres and is a quarter contained. Like so many wildfires on the West Coast, this one is fueled by California’s record-breaking heating climate, a invasive bark beetle-infested and drought-starved dying forest, and decades of misguided fire suppression strategies that have left dry timber and underbrush ready to burn across the state.

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"We Wild – Visions From the Trail to Tassajara" by Fletcher Tucker

For four days we will tromp on trail, single file, ascending and descending. But first my wife and I stand side by side and bow together. We bow to the place herself, and to her innumerable names and forms. Place en-creatured, place en-planted, place en-stoned, en-watered, en- weathered, en-fungied, en-peopled, en-spirited. Each step is also a bow. Tens of thousands of bows in thirty miles of wild walking.

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