Haikus Written While Hiking in Japan in 2013 by Fletcher Tucker

At the graveyard gate

I pray and sing an old song

Into the wild rain


Raven, shrewd elder

Brought here by a storm, tell me

What news from Spirit?


Cedar temple roof

Beyond rain slick branches

Keep ancestors close


Ancient trees provide

A house for mind and spirit

All growing slowly


Tiles folded under

The shell of a centipede

In hibernation


All cicadas sing

Because they were born for it

Sometimes I feel that


Fuji, lone mountain

Standing tall in many minds

Please, help us awake


Manicured gardens

Are lovely, but obscure truth

All our hearts are wild


Noble plants and beasts

Our forgotten family

Living in a park


If we stopped trying

To improve what is perfect

Nature would return


Climb the tree root stairs

Marvelous sunshine awaits

In the quiet mind


Wind plays in the pines

Blacking out my tiresome thoughts

An eclipse of song


The trail does not end

It secretly circles back

Into my own heart


Ask the stones about

Their slow dancing, shape shifting

They know the good way


Go talk to the moon

He grows through darkness to light

Maybe he can help


Find time for the stars

They spiral out from Center

Quite the pilgrimage!


Why ceremony?

Living things need space to grow

Even Mystery