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Wild Zendo: Hiking and Zen Practice in the Tassajara Wilderness

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Carmel Valley

June 4-8, 2020


“I was a Zen monk who didn’t know Zen, so I chose the woods for the years I had left… mountains and streams explain the Bohdidharma’s meaning, flower smiles and birdsongs reveal the hidden key…” – Shiwu (14th century Chinese hermetic monk)

Immerse in the majestic wild landscape surrounding Tassajara with four days of hiking, nature connection, and feral Zen practice.

Following in the footsteps of the ancient, hermetic Zen masters, we will return to nature in pursuit of a wild Dharma that is subtly transmitted by grasses, creeks, and mountains. The wilderness that surrounds Tassajara will become our zendo, where refined Zen rituals will take on feral forms. We will chant with the birds at dawn, meditate atop ridges, recite Buddhist poetry amidst blooming wildflowers, and more. Our instructors and Sangha will include Tassajara’s majestic landscape and many wild beings as we build foundational ecological knowledge, renew deep relationships with nature, and explore the Dharma.

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