One of the best weeks of my life. Feeling into the layers of rebirth, integration, and wholeness that this experience provided... There’s no going back from this feeling, as it lives on now in my bones and informs how I want to show up in this life. Loved my fellow pilgrims and grateful to have been by each others’ side on this journey. To many more…
— April, Tassajara Pilgrimage | May 2018

I felt alive, connected, disconnected (in the good way), more myself. There is nothing more important to me.
— Big Sur to Tassajara Pilgrimage Participant | May 2018

Wildtender founders Noël and Fletcher are wonderful! They are kind, compassionate and competent trip leaders, and they compliment each other very well... I appreciated the way they encouraged my curiosity, sensory experience, and direct relationship with the natural world – often posing questions when something intriguing came up on the trail (like animal tracks or edible / medicinal plants), as opposed to lecturing or solely providing answers. Above all, this was a deeply meaningful and transformative journey.
— Andrew, Big Sur to Tassajara Pilgrimage | June 2018
big sur edible plant

[Wildtender] provided safety, security and trust that my basic needs would be met, and I was freed up to revel in the wonder of the wild, appreciate all of the beauty that surrounded me and connect with each person in our group.
— Big Sur to Tassajara Pilgrimage Participant | May 2018

The experience of being together in this way was transformative, both physically and emotionally. I loved getting to experience the power and capabilities of my body and the effect of disconnecting from modern technology on my psychological state.
— Big Sur to Tassajara Pilgrimage Participant | May 2018